VCS and TCS Batter Mixers

VCS Batter Mixer
Machine Features:
• Ultrasonic in-line viscometer controlling a wide range of viscosities with extremely tight tolerances. No calibration required. CIP capable
• Construction is all stainless steel frame with US standard fasteners, bearings, sprockets, belting and shafts with sanitary open frame design
• Fully automated controls using an AB PLC & color touchscreen for 100% automated control of batter mixing and monitoring
• Electrical control characteristics:
- Automated start-up sequence for more consistent and quicker startups
- Stainless steel sloped top NEMA 4X enclosures
- Temperature monitoring in mix tank and supply water
- Shut down feature that reduces batter waste as shutdown from approx. 65 gallons to as low as 5
- Ethernet networking capability
• High efficiency 50 and 70 gallon insulated tanks
• All stainless steel viscosity pump and motor with direct drive
• Stainless steel 2 hp mixer
• Sanitary stainless steel water piping
• Stainless steel feed pump and motor with direct drive are controlled using variable frequency drives for speed and flow control with push-button control
• Ergonomically designed low profile batter hopper available in standard 48” load height/100 lb. capacity or optional 34” load height /100 lb. capacity)
• Can produce batter with tolerances of less than one-third of a cup second, which equals 5-6 centipoise
• Stainless sanitary piping 
• Out-of-spec alarm system monitoring temperature and motor overloads
• Perforated parts basket for all sanitary and pump parts
• Stainless steel mix tank w/cooling jacket on exterior of side and bottom of tank (180 PSI A.S.M.E. Certified/Stamped
• Flow Tech PD 400 SS Positive Feed Pump with variable speed and stainless steel 1.5 hp motor with gear reducer

TCS Batter Mixer
Machine Features
• An ALL electric automated tempura batch mixing system with very precise mix accuracy and temperature control
• Designed with the 21st century standards & guidelines as it pertains to Food Safety & USDA requirements
• Construction is all stainless steel frame and assembled using US standard food safety components
• Capable of producing up to 660 gallons of tempura per hour or as little as 25 gallon per hour. The TCS can mix and pump a batch of tempura in 5 minutes or less.
• High efficiency 50 or 70 gallon insulated tanks
• Adjustable batch size that is 100% programmable
• Electrical control characteristics:
 - Allen Bradley PLC and color touchscreen
 - Allen Bradley VFD’s on feed pump as well as mixer
 - Electronic water meter & plc meters water automatically in tenths of a gallon
 - Automated startup sequence for added consistency
 - Stainless Steel sloped top NEMA 4X enclosures
 - Temperature control and monitoring in mix tank
 - Ethernet networking capability
 - 100% automated control of batter mixing
• All stainless steel Flowtech PD400 feed pump with variable speed
• All stainless steel direct driven mixer with precise speed control of a vfd 
• All stainless steel water and sanitary piping
• All stainless steel jacketed & insulated mix tank with jackets on side & bottom of tank (180 psi ASME Certified & Stamped)
• Ergonomically designed low profile hopper with 150lb capacity
• Self diagnostics for alarms, temperatures and motor O.L.
• Perforated parts basket for all sanitary and pump parts during disassembly