Calibra CD Sizer / Sorter

In 2016 MP Equipment teamed with Vendee Concept out of France to present a highly efficient, accurate, durable, and affordable option for sizing and sorting. With Vendee Concept’s 25 years of technical expertise  and MP Equipment’s 40 years of manufacturing experience, we are proud to present the Calibra CD inline high speed weighing and sorting solution. MP Equipment will utilize Vendee Concept’s proven technology and software while manufacturing 100% of the components in Gainesville, GA. This winning combination will allow us to provide users with a proven accurate and efficient piece of equipment while keeping initial costs, lead times, service calls, and parts low.  

The Calibra CD is ideal for sizing chicken butterflies and fillets prior to or after portioning, sizing other chicken parts like tenders or wings, sorting seafood products, vegetables, or any other item where size and sorting is critical to your process. Please call you MP Sales Representative today to schedule a demo in our facility.

Benefits & Features
  • Highly accurate in-motion weighing
  • Capacities of up to 200 pieces/minute
  • Capable of weight ranges from 20g to 5000g
  • Sorting & Batching capability
  • Custom configuration of bins/drops
  • 15” wash-down rated touchscreen
  • Real time production data and reporting
  • Remote access assistance for troubleshooting or monitoring