MP Equipment delivers value-added consulting and engineering services for our customers. Our commitment to making the highest quality products begins with understanding our clients’ operations and the manufacturing process behind their final component assembly. We have the capabilities to achieve competitively priced part precision of almost any part. By better understanding what our client manufacturing team is tasked to do and knowing what the parts and products are used for, we can most effectively and efficiently produce products.

  • Precision machine components to print or to customer specifications
  • Provide Part Design Engineering Service
  • Analyze customer drawing or part to improve its quality
  • Advise on steps to achieve cost reduction of component machining
  • Consult on design performance improvements
  • Troubleshoot the machining process to increase productivity
  • Test part conformity and quality
  • Produce drawings for companies without their own in-house capacity for drawings

An array of support equipment is available to our engineers and machinists for use to meet customer design engineering and CNC machining and fabrication engineering needs.

Our design engineers use our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM capabilities to the full advantage of our customers. We use CAD design programs for part design, tool design, drawings and document control and CAM for machining even the most complex parts.