Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services offer many benefits to manufacturers and their customers including almost unlimited cutting configurations,  no tooling charges, reduced lot sizes and a wide variety of metal alloys. Precision laser cutting of sheet metal results in improved parts production and less part distortion as a result of heat compared to plasma cutting.

Also, laser cutting services gives fabricators and their customers an improved ability to laser cut extremely complex shapes due to the laser’s X-Y-Z axis and narrower “kerf” width. Advanced CNC laser cutting services like the one at MP Equipment also feature more efficient part nesting capabilities due to their greater CAD/CAM programming flexibility. This permits design changes very quickly while still maintaining a fast turnaround time in the shop.

High power laser cutting services also provide striation-free and sealed edges which are important for meeting customer’s tolerances and specifications. This feature of a laser cutting service also greatly lowers the amount of possible rework on a job, and improves the finish of the component.  Because industrial laser cutting technology is highly repeatable, part quality and accuracy are more consistent than traditional cutting methods like plasma cutting or water jet cutting. Additionally, because laser cutting is a non-contact process, damage to especially fragile parts is significantly reduced.