Parts Washing/Tumbling/Debur

Parts Washing

Many components of the CNC Manufacturing processes apply oils and water based coolants to the parts during manufacture. CNC-finished parts are in general suitable for the batch cleaning in special parts washing baths. MP Equipment provides a parts wash that is capable of removing all oils, coolants, and chips. Thru high temperature and chemical washing, CNC parts are completly clean and ready for the next process (paint, bagged, coated, etc.) to be applied.


On high volume part runs, hand removale of burrs is not cost effective.  MP Equipment has dedicated tumblers to do this work instead.  One tumbler dedicated to mild steel parts and the other to aluminum and stainless steel.  This insures no cross contamination of different types of metals.


All CNC manufacture may require debur operations.  On low volume parts, we have all the necessary tooling to remove all burrs for a complete, easy to handle part, finished to your specifications.