Cut Applications

In January 2015 MP Equipment released its largest to-date software update and enhancement. The Spot On Software package includes all the functionality of the Jet Series Software that you are accustomed to, with the addition of new applications, more production trending, cutting enhancements, and more. The Spot On package provides users with increased yield opportunities, template controls, quality improvemnts, and more benefits and features!

MP Equipment is pleased to present our extensive cut application library which comes fully loaded on all IntelliJet™ and MegaJet™ machines. Our cut applications are plant proven and customer recommended ensuring we can perform the cuts and products you and your customers desire. All cut applications are available with any machine purchase and constant and improved software is downloaded to your machines free of charge. The examples shown here are just a few of the options available to you on a new IntelliJet™ or MegaJet™. Please contact your MP Equipment sales representative to discuss other applications or opportunities you may have.

OptiShape Application
As your customers and end users begin to restrict templates on fillets for their products, you are forced to utilize breast meat to maximize yield, and meet all customer specifications. MP Equipment has met this demand with the OptiShape Application. With OptiShape, you will be able to enter weight, length, width, and shape for fillets, and the MegaJetTM will maximize your yield while locating the best option for meeting all template controls. You can run OptiShape with nuggets, strips, or an additional filet on top.

Nugget Application
The All Nuggets Application gives users the opportunity to cut any boneless protein product into nuggets of a target weight, within a weight range, or to equal weights with no trim. The All Nugget Application utilizes forward thinking processing by automatically generating square nuggets in a feature we call Smart Nuggets. You can rest assured that your customers will not receive any "strip-like" pieces in their order. The Smart Nuggets feature comes fully equipped on the All Nuggets Application as well as on top of any style fillet or butterfly cut.


Strips Application
We have heard your cries for very tight requirements on strip lengths, and have gladly answered your request with our Strip Application. The Strip Application has the ability to cut strips to a target weight, within a weight range, or to equal weights with no trim, while controlling the length to ensure your customers never receive a strip they deem too short. Strips can be cut all alone, on top of a fillet, on the bottom of a fillet, or in combination with nuggets. The strips can be tapered to any shape or curve you can imagine and draw.

Fillet with Nuggets Application
The Fillet with Nugget Application is the classic water cutting application. It gives a user a fillet cut to a target weight with nuggets on top of it with all the exciting options listed above. The fillet with nugget application is the perfect way to generate your fillet and nugget needs while enjoying the benefits of an accurate high volume and high yielding piece of equipment. MP is also pleased to announce that our fat trimming options are available on this application to ensure your customers do not get any unwanted keel ribbon, rib meat, or tail fat. In fact, this feature is available on all our applications.

Choice Cut Application

The Choice Cut application gives users the ability to control 360º of the finished portion shape. The Choice Cut application allows you to draw any shape you can imagine and transform it into a finished portion cut to an accurate weight. This application can produce 2 beautiful consistently-shaped fillets per butterfly, 4 beautiful consistently-shaped fillets per butterfly, or 1 center of the plate portioned butterfly. The Choice Cut Application can automatically place the fillets to ensure greater surface area and you can control the placement to ensure you avoid unwanted areas. You can also take advantage of the Smart Nuggets feature and fat trimming on this application.

Top Retail Application
The Top Retail Program introduces water cutting to a new sector of the Poultry industry - the retail and tray pack divisions. The Top Retail Application combines our fat trimming technology with shape controls to turn large bird meat into 4 equal tray-ready portions. When combined with the MP Meat Press and Angle nozzles, you'll have product you never thought possible from a large bird, while having ridiculously high throughputs and yield. If you have a customer who desires a visually lean product and lots of it, then the Top Retail application is truly the answer you have been looking for.

OFT Application
OFT is the revolutionary fat trimming application brought to you exclusively by MP Equipment. The OFT application quickly and accurately identifies and cuts the fat off of your boneless skinless butterfly chicken breasts leaving you with 2 gorgeous fat-free fillets. The OFT application does not require any additional cameras, light sources, or calibration. This application can run in excess of 75fpm, while generating yields as high as 85% - 95%. If you have over scald problems or high levels of globular fat, there's no need to worry, the IntelliJet™ and MegaJet™ won't cut into the heart of the breast meat and destroy your yields. The OFT features are also equipped on all other applications giving you the option to present customers a fat-free product, whether it is a fillet, strip, nugget or butterfly.

X-Cut Application
The X-Cut application is a great way to utilize big bird meat for portions. This application will turn a butterfly into 4 equally weighted portions with no trim. If you have an individually frozen product with a generous weight range and high volumes, X-Cut is the application you desire. The X-Cut application is great when combined with The MP Meat Press and angle nozzles. Call today and sey up your test on X-Cut and eliminate trim and start utilizing your large bird breast meat.

Chicken Tender Application
The Chicken Tender Application utilizes high pressure water to cut tenders into pieces of a target weight, within a weight range, or equal portions with no trim. We understand the fear of cutting tenders with water...the tendon! Luckily, MP has made great strides in this arena and has developed a way to generate great portions while avoiding this difficult-to-cut tender. Loading is also no longer an issue; you can load tenders in any orientation and the IntelliJet™ and MegaJet™ will automatically determine the best cutting solution for you. So if you are tired of out-sourcing your tender cutting, or have the desire to reduce labor on tender operations, this application can meet those needs!


Steak Trimming Application
The steak trimming application has been specifically designed to identify and remove excess fat from a variety of different cuts of beef, including, but not limited to strips, ribeyes, and t-bones. Utilizing state of the art camera technology and precision cuts, the IntelliJet ™ and MegaJet™ will trim steaks to your customer specifications. Users have the ability to dictate how much fat can remain on the steak and the IntelliJet ™ and MegaJet™ water cutters will provide perfectly trimmed steaks every time. Water cutting fat on steaks is more efficient, more cost effective, higher yielding and more ergonomic than conventional methods.

Remember, this is only a small glance at the numerous applications available to you by selecting the IntelliJet™ or MegaJet™ for your water cutting needs. If you have another application need or want to learn more about the applications described here please Contact Us.