As a DSI™ machine owner you are very familiar with the Jet Blocker. The Jet Blocker is probably one of you highest expenses for replacement parts in your parts’ room. MP Equipment is pleased to offer you a low cost alternative to the OEM on all Blocker parts. You will find that MP Equipment offers 100% of all the Blocker parts you need at a fraction of the cost with the highest level of quality.
MP Equipment keeps an enormous inventory of commonly used parts like Blocker motors, Blocker pins, cables, links, connectors, housings, and all the other Blocker wear items. In fact, we keep an inventory of over 2000 parts and components to ensure we always have exactly what you are looking for or need. Additionally, MP Equipment offers overnight deliveries, same day door-to-door courier service, and 24/7 parts availability. MP Equipment also guarantees all parts for fit and performance by performing thorough quality inspection on all raw materials, all processes, and all finished parts.
If you are looking for an alternative to repairing Blockers in-house,  MP Equipment has the solution you have been looking for. MP Equipment employs a full time “Blocker Doctor” who gives each blocker the attention and detail needed to repair it to a like new condition. MP Equipment can perform complete blocker overhauls, replacing 100% of the wear components, and return your blocker in new condition in a matter of days. By selecting MP Equipment to be your preferred supplier for Blocker parts and all DSI™ parts you can receive these professional Blocker repairs at a fraction of the cost offered by the OEM.
Please call your MP Equipment Representative today for Jet Blocker parts, components, or rebuild options.