DSI™ Parts

MP Equipment started business over a decade ago with the mission of providing high quality parts and service for DSI™ machines. Over the last 10 years MP Equipment has grown to become a preferred supplier for the majority of DSI™ customers in the United States. MP Equipment is proud to offer a full range of DSI™ parts for the DSI™ 328, DSI™ 624, and DSI™ 714. With the ability to provide nearly 100% of all the components on a DSI™, PES prides itself in being highly competitive in price, providing unmatched quality, and offering the quickest lead times.

MP Equipment keeps an enormous inventory of commonly used parts like orifices, vee-wheels, coils, belts, bearings, brackets, computer components, servo drives, servo motors, and all stainless steel or plastic support items. In fact, we keep an inventory of over 2000 parts and components to ensure we always have exactly what you are looking for or need. Additionally, MP Equipment offers overnight deliveries, same day door-to-door courier service, and 24/7 parts availability.  MP Equipment also guarantees all parts for fit and performance by performing thorough quality inspection on all raw materials, all processes, and all finished parts.

Please call your MP Equipment Representative today to make us your preferred supplier for all of your DSI™ parts and start experiencing significant savings immediately. MP Equipment employs water cutting experts who are highly familiar with your particular machine to ensure you receive the parts you need and can recommend corresponding parts or DSI™ Upgrades when available.