MP Equipment is pleased to present a competitively prices, ergonomically superior method for delivering product to a production line. Whether transporting front halves, WOGS, boneless breast meat, or ingredients, the MP Equipment Dumpers line of equipment will safely, efficiently, and quickly perform the job.
MP Equipment offers a wide range of Dumpers to meet your needs. We offer Single Tub (70lb Tote) Dumpers, Dual Tub Dumpers, and Combo (2,000lb vat) Dumpers. Please call your MP Equipment Sales representative today to determine which Dumper best fits your needs.
All Dumpers are constructed with food grade stainless steel and plastics, fewer pivot points, and reinforced heavy duty air cylinders making it far more maintenance friendly than most other options on the market. With lower M&R expenses and higher uptimes, the MP Equipment line of dumpers is the superior long term solution.
Since MP Equipment custom builds all its equipment, users can customize the dumpers to include water drainage devices, to ensure on good product is transferred to the next process instead of excess ice or water. Additionally, all Dumpers can come equipped with single push button operation allowing operators to load and dump on several stations simultaneously, thus reducing labor.