Water Treatment

MP Equipment is pleased to present our Water Treatment System. MP Equipment can provide all the necessary tools to test your water and then recommend the most beneficial line of action. Treating or softening water prior to a high pressure pump for a water cutter will greatly enhance its performance, and will lead to increased lifespan on all high pressure parts, including orifices.
Adding a water softener in a marination process can greatly enhance yields and product quality. As the largest component of a typical marinade, it is critical to have high quality water. Using hard water causes plants to lose out on significant marination retention because the metals in hard water tie up phosphates and prevent them from binding to product. A Water Softener will greatly increase binding, and thus result in higher yields and retention of marinade.
If you utilize high pressure pumps or marination systems in your facility and you are not using a Water Treatment System you could be missing out on huge savings and yielding opportunities. Please call your MP Equipment Sales Representative today to get a water sample and test performed.