Rebuilds & Repairs

DSI™ machines, The IntelliJet™ and The MegaJet™ have many complex and often expensive components. By offering a wide range of repair options MP Equipment can save your facility significant money, costly downtime, and headache. There are a variety of components that can be repaired instead of being replaced and often at a fraction of the cost. Several items in a water cutting system require routine repairs or rebuilds to ensure the highest level of efficiencies and MP Equipment can be there for you every time. MP Equipment offers several rebuild programs that eliminates in house repairs or rebuilds and puts it in the professional and capable hands of MP Equipment Service technicians.
MP Equipment has an in house Repair Department that dedicates 100% of their time to rebuilding or repairing complex customer parts, as well as a team of Service Professionals that can perform these repairs at your facility or offer training to your maintenance team so they can become experts in the repairs as well. MP Equipment offers repairs or rebuilds on blockers, servo motors, servo drives, power supplies, pump components, stationary nozzle bodies, drive rolls, and towers just to name a few.
MP Equipment not only specializes in the repair and rebuild of water cutting parts and components, but as a full machining and fabrication facility, we can repair or rebuild nearly all your plant’s parts or components. If a shaft has broken or worn, an auger is cracked, a frame needs repair, a plastic part has worn beyond use, or you have a part that just needs repair call your MP Equipment representative today. If the part is beyond repair, MP Equipment can offer reverse engineering services and manufacture your Custom Part for you. You no longer have to depend on the overpriced OEM with long lead times.
If you are tired of replacing expensive components on a regular basis it is time to investigate all of your rebuild or repair options. Please call your MP Equipment Sales Representative today to discuss what items you may be able to repair and start saving significant money right away!