DSI™ Upgrades

The chances are very likely that your DSI™ could greatly benefit from the wide range of Upgrades available. MP Equipment is proud to present a full line of DSI™ upgrades that can enhance your performance, decrease downtime, reduce Maintenance & Repair costs, and aid in the overall experience of owning a water cutter. If you have owned your DSI™ for a month, year, or decade MP Equipment has several different upgrades that are beneficial, affordable, and effective that you deserve.

SureLok™ Upgrade

MP Equipment is also proud to present the SureLok™ door lock upgrade. Door sensors are an immense headache for mechanics to trouble-shoot and replace. The SureLok™ Upgrade provides users with mechanical locks for all entry points into the water cutter, while eliminating all sensors, wiring, and electrical problems traditional door sensors present. Additionally, the stainless steel construction of the SureLok™ provides durability that far exceeds that of your current sensors.  The ‘trapped key” principles that the SureLok™ Upgrade utilizes are approved by European, United States, and Canadian Safety Standards. The SureLok™ Upgrade is available on the DSI™ 328, DSI™ 624, and DSI™ 714, for a price far more competitive than any other option on the market.

Flex Hose Upgrade

MP Equipment is proud to be the front runner in alternatives to stainless steel high pressure coils, by offering a high pressure Flex Hose Upgrade. Stainless Steel coils break easily, are difficult to replace quickly, and contain dozens of intricate parts and support systems. The flex hose has a similar lifespan as your current stainless steel coil assembly, but take seconds to replace instead of hours. Additionally, since there are no supports, dampeners, or clamps that require frequent replacement the Flex Hose Upgrade will save your facility both significant money and reduce costly downtime. The Flex Hose Upgrade is available on the DSI™ 624, and DSI™ 714.

MP Equipment also offers several other DSI™ upgrades such as side hanging exhaust units, carriage upgrades, vee-wheel track upgrades, electrical or servo upgrades, and many more. If you have not already investigated potential upgrades for your DSI™, now is the time. Please call your MP Equipment Representative today to get a quote or discuss upgrade options for your specific equipment and needs.