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The DuoMax is the latest addition to the MP Lineup.  Many in the industry are in the predicament of switching equipment around constantly to setup for different products.  One of these switches involves moving an inline or flat breader and switching it for a drum breader for their homestyle products.  The DuoMax was designed to eliminate the need to move around equipment.  It works as both a flat breader and a drum breader and easily switches between the two different modes for maximum efficiency.


Inside the DuoMax is an adjustable conveyor attached to three drums.  The conveyor can be put in the up position for flat breading and moved to the down position for homestyle products.  The drums are easily removable for sanitation and the hood can be disassembled for ease of maintenance.  The entire system is controlled by an HMI screen using a recipe based program.  If you desire to make better use of the time normally used to switch out equipment, contact us about the DuoMax today!

Patent Pending

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