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Meat Press
  • Meat Press

    MP Equipment is pleased to introduce our custom built Meat Press. Flattening or pressing product will help ensure customer template compliance on portions, produce higher yields than slitting or horizontally slicing, increase portion accuracy for water cutting, and greatly enhance further processing consistency. Meat Presses are ideal for in front of water cutters, after water cutters for cut product, in further processing lines, or as an offline application. If you are currently slitting or slicing product, are having difficulty meeting customer specifications for thickness, or want to become more accurate with portioning, an MP Equipment custom built Meat Press is your solution. Call you Sales Representative today to discuss your needs. You'll be amazed by the lack of rebound or bounce back on the product and will find our pricing to be highly competitive.

    Unlike many flatteners or presses on the market, our machine is tailored to be extremely maintenance and sanitation friendly. We have eliminated unnecessary components and hard to replace parts, without losing the effectiveness of the press. All MP Equipment Meat Presses are custom built to meet your specifications on length, belt width, and height from floor. All Meat Presses are built using the highest quality food grade stainless steel, plastics and modular belting. The belts on the unit are hydraulically driven and the Meat Press comes fully equipped with an integrated hydraulic power-pack. The machine also comes with hand guards and E-Stops, meeting all North American safety standards.

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