With the growing demand for increased volume, MP Equipment developed and released the first 8XY cutter machine the industry has ever seen. With 8XY cutters, intelligent cut paths, and a wide production belt, the MegaJet™ is our highest volume water cutter.

The MegaJet™ has all the features IntelliJet™ customers have grown to expect such as, the fully integrated on-board pump, state of the art camera system, windows operating system, and touch screen controls. The MegaJet™ also comes fully upgraded with SureLok™ door lock upgrades, and the PES Flex Hose assembly. The MegaJet™ is ideal for customers who want to portion over 15,000 pounds per hour, need to cut product to keep further processing lines full, want to ensure a high quality product for their customers, or need to replace outdated water cutters in their plant. The MegaJet™ as all the cut applicationsthat a user could dream of or desire.

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