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Slice-Right Slitter

Slice-Right Slitter

With the growing demand to utilize large bird breast meat, MP Equipment  is pleased to offer an excellent solution to meet your needs. The MP Slice Right Slitter offers the ability to accurately and consistently slice large breast meat into multiple slices of controlled thickness. The Slice Right Slitter has a lower purchase price, with low operating cost, and is an easy to maintain piece of equipment, making it a preferred choice over the competition. If you are looking to increase yield, water cutting accuracy, or decrease the M&R on your current operation, we encourage you to call your MP Equipment representative and begin saving money and experiencing a superior options, immediately.


    • Dual lane oscilating blade design

    • Highly accurate and consistent

    • Multiple blade configurations

    • Top trim removal

    • E-Stop & mechanical SureLok safety system

    • Easily adjustable slit heights

    • Simple maintenance & sanitation design

    • Low water usage

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