MP Equipment has been in business for more than 40 years, providing sales and service to the meat, poultry and seafood processing industry. Our recent merger with PES, Inc. allows us to offer exceptional experience in water jet cutting and further processing. We now offer both further processing equipment and competitive after-market products for robotic waterjet cutting systems and ultrahigh pressure pumps, as well as superior service. MP Equipment is now a preferred supplier for the majority of plants utilizing water cutters and further processing lines by delivering high quality, fairly priced equipment and parts with a quick lead time. MP Equipment has evolved into a manufacturing and design company with a diverse and full product offering, providing you a one-stop connection to your best value in processing solutions.

In addition to new or refurbished water cutters, formers, batter applicators, breading lines, fryers, we also offer a full line of water cutting parts for DSI™ machines and Flow™ pumps, mixers, breaders, and other support equipment. MP Equipment offers professional service, training, and a full line of upgrades for your equipment.
MP Equipment is also pleased to offer a full line of plant equipment such as dumpers, conveyance, presses, and other support items to complete or streamline your production lines.



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