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The MPADVANTAGE™ Frying System with state-of-the-art thermal heating leads the industry with technology that improves operating characteristics and costs of frying quality foods - the most efficient heat exchange process in the industry. After several years in development, we’ve designed and manufactured the industry’s most efficient heat exchange process. Our heat exchanger features the MPADVANTAGE™ HelyX insert that redirects the flow of thermal fluid into a helical path, delivering balanced heat side-to-side and infeed to discharge.

  • Featured Highlights:

  • Available in 40” and 52” widths and 25', 30', and 35' lengths

  • High capacity

  • High efficiency

  • Fast heat recovery and control

  • Low cooking oil volume

  • Quick clean up time

  • Low operating costs

Finally, you’re able to experience everything you’ve asked for in a high-capacity fryer. Experience the New MPADVANTAGE™ Frying System.

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