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MP800 Servo 26" Former

MP Equipment is pleased to offer the heavy duty MP800 SERVO former with optional Patented Multi-Flow® system for the highest production requirements. ​The former can process a wide variety of proteins and vegetables, and offers several fill options:

  • Standard Fill for ground or emulsified products

  • Vertical Fill for larger pieces and whole muscle

  • Portion Fill which is a variation of Vertical Fill

  • Soft Fill for ground product

​If you are looking to increase forming options or decrease the M&R on your current operation, call your MP Equipment representative to begin saving money and experiencing a superior option immediately.

Features & Benefits

  • Capabilities up to 110 SPM

  • Production rate of up to 9,000#/hr

  • 9", 10", and 13" stroke lengths

  • Touchscreen with PLC controls

  • Super Heavy-duty parts throughout

  • Servo Plunger Actuators

  • Servo Tube Valve Drive 

  • Servo Knock Out Drive

  • Servo Mold Plate 

    • Lower maintenance cost with Servos

    • Elimination of mechanical drive system parts between the Servo Mold plate drive system and the Servo knockout system compared to conventional machines.

    • No hydraulics used to operate or form products greatly reducing parts required.

  • Product Feed Conveyor Features integrated driver roller​

    • Lower maintenance cost with integrated driver roller​

    • Chains, sprockets, and a separate motor are eliminated


  • Patented Multi-Flow®

  • Soft-Fill

  • Paper feed

  • Left hand controls

  • Wireless communication system for remote monitoring, trending, reporting, and more.

  • Customized to operator's specifications

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