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  • Batter, Breading, and Frying Service

  • Marination and Tumbler Service

  • Megajet Service

  • Production Training

  • Maintenance Training

  • Equipment Relocation

  • Rebuilds

  • Upgrades:

    • DSI Upgrades

    • Pump Upgrades

  • DSI & Pump Service

MP Equipment employs 200+ years of waterjet experience. We utilize this experience to ensure your facility is running as efficiently as possible. MP Equipment is proud to offer a full range of training for DSIs and High Pressure Pumps. Customizable on-site training is available for production, applications, and maintenance. Training can be tailored from very specific needs to broad basic training. MP Equipment employs a full staff of highly skilled service professionals that provide the highest level of service on DSI™, IntelliJet™, MegaJet™, and High Pressure Pumps. MP Equipment will ensure the lowest amount of downtime possible and practices the safest and most efficient methods to help alleviate your opportunities.
Service is available on an as-needed basis, customizable service contracts, as well as 24/7 emergency assistance. We can assist you in developing preventative maintenance programs, recommend inventory levels, and perform informal training while completing the necessary service. Our service professionals will never leave a job until you are completely satisfied.

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