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As more and more facilities feel the pressure of labor, tighter customer specifications, and increased volumes, MP Equipment has responded to these needs with the MiniJet™. As the most compact overall water cutting system, the MiniJet™ offers 1 lane of production with 2 XY cutters and still maintains the integrated on-board high pressure pump. The MiniJet™ is ideal for those looking for an introduction to water cutting, trimming fat for visually lean products after a de-bone line, steak trimming, or simple portioning. The MiniJet™ boasts all the features and applications you have come to expect in an MP Equipment water cutter, all in a 14' footprint, that can fit almost anywhere.  All 3 machines offer remote trouble shooting with a webcam for quick analysis or product development. They both also include charting and trending for production standards and goals or preventive maintenance needs. Both machines come fully equipped with a dependable and current servo drive, with no risk of becoming obsolete after install. MP Equipment is also pleased to provide customers with constant and complimentary software upgrades to ensure applications, features, and technology are always up-to-date. If you are new to water cutting or interested in learning more, please feel free to contact your MP Equipment sales representative today.



The MegaJet Jr.™ is a high speed, high accuracy, easy to use water cutter. It was designed to offer users a more cost efficient, user friendly, and higher technology water cutter. The MegaJet Jr.™ offers 4 XY cutters and 2 stationary dual nozzle cutters on two lanes of production, cutting product at speeds up to 80 feet per minute. Some of the features include a fully integrated on-board high pressure pump, simple yet high-tech camera design, windows operating system, and touch screen user interface. The MegaJet Jr.™ is ideal for customers who have a need for water cutting, are new to water cutting, or want to upgrade their facility to include the newest technology in water cutting. The MegaJet Jr.™ has all the cut applications that any user could imagine or desire.



With the growing demand for increased volume, MP Equipment developed and released the first 8 XY cutter machine the industry has ever seen. With 8 XY cutters, intelligent cut paths, and a wide production belt, the MegaJet™ is our highest volume water cutter. The MegaJet™ has all the features IntelliJet™ customers have grown to expect such as, the fully integrated on-board pump, state of the art camera system, windows operating system, and touch screen controls. The MegaJet™ also comes fully upgraded with SureLok™ door lock upgrades, and the PES Flex Hose assembly. The MegaJet™ is ideal for customers who want to portion over 15,000 pounds per hour, need to cut product to keep further processing lines full, want to ensure a high quality product for their customers, or need to replace outdated water cutters in their plant. The MegaJet™ as all the cut applications that a user could dream of or desire.


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