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Filet Splitter

Filet Splitter

As a way to greatly reduce labor for plants that are natural falling or selling line run fillets, MP has developed the Fillet Splitter. Our Fillet Splitter utilizes high pressure water to split boneless skinless butterfly breasts into fillets at rates of up to 100 butterflies per minute per lane.

Since all our equipment is custom built to fit specific needs, customers can select their desired infeed and outfeed lengths, number of lanes of production, and height off the floor. As with all our equipment, the Fillet Splitter utilizes food grade stainless steel, plastics and belting. The Fillet Splitter comes fully equipped with door guards, E-Stops, and a relief valve to ensure the highest level of safety.

If your customer has strict requirements on keel removal, there is no need for additional labor, we can develop your Fillet Splitter to remove keel ribbon and provide your customers with the outstanding product they are expecting. There are endless possibilities with the MP Fillet Splitter, so call your Sales Representative today to discuss options you may have in mind.

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