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MP Advantage Fryer

MP Advantage Fryer

The MP Advantage Fryer is designed for efficiency, control, and ease-of-use.  It utilizes a recipe-based program which allows the operator to make consistent products.  It comes in a varying sizes and offers a wide range of options for your specific needs.

    • 3-Way Valves (Non-stainless)
    • 3/8" Wire Belt (Hold Down Conveyor)
    • 3/8" Pitch VersaLink Belt (Product Conveyor)
    • 1/2" Wire Belt (Sediment Conveyor)
    • Insulated Hood
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Thermal Oil Flex Lines
    • ARI Valve Package
    • Fill Pump (100 GPM)
    • Oil Storage Tank
    • Crumb Removal System
    • Tempura Infeed
    • Jet Flow System
    • CIP System
    • Water Mist or CO2 Fire Suppression System
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