Vortex Dust Collector

Vortex Dust Collector

As further processing expands and more breading lines are introduced, the dust in the processing room air from the breading has become an issue that must be addressed. There are several traditional methods for removing the dust in the air, but they tend to be ineffective and require a disposable filtration screen. Fortunately, MP Equipment has developed the Vortex DC to resolve these issues. The Vortex DC is a fully automatic dust collection system designed to handle up to 3 breaders & breading feeders, without the use of paper filtration media. MP Equipment has designed an automatic, programmable system that can sit on the plant floor, uses water and food grade flocculants to remove dust from the processing area, and return the clean air back into the room. There is no longer the need for an external vacuum system or paper filtration. And since water is the filtration media, the Vortex DC automatically dumps  the dirty water and refills as needed. The Vortex DC has touch screen controls allowing users to create their own personalized run schedule and cycle times.

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